USA  8th Nov 2015


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One million giving $2 each, creates a record breaking pool of funds for children and families doing it tough. Its that easy! Become

an agent of change with your loose change

In these tough times, lots of our mates are struggling with

  • Homelessness
  • Serious health issues
  • Family breakdown
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • And much more

None of us can change the world, but all of us can change someone's world. And that's what we want to facilitate. QUICKLY AND SIMPLY!!

We live in such a blessed country, compared to most others in the world. Let's celebrate this, and show our appreciation. If just 1 million out of 6.5 billion gave $2 each, we would have a pool of funds to distribute to some of the most urgent needs experienced by our mates in need.

During these tough global times, we have a chance as a country to be envied by others as a nation of compassion and camaraderie. We currently have masses of amazing charities serving the disadvantaged across our land. But they need a hand too. So much of their resourcing is committed to "staying alive", that it is increasingly challenging for them to generate the finances needed to deliver their services. What we want to do is hand out some blessings to them, by gifting them with some money that costs them nothing to get. Bucks, direct to frontline services.

It's really easy. Just donate $2, and get your mates to match you. Then we give it all away to worthy charities doing great work, easing the pressure on our mates doing it tough.

The Big Give gives YOU a platform to be an 'agent of change with your loose change'. Get a bunch of your mates to do the same, and them to do likewise, and we have mobilised the masses to make this a better country for all. Let's bypass all those common hindrances to action, and just get on with giving the service providers the bucks to serve. Are you in? Just give your $2 and we'll make sure it goes where needed. We have partnered with a heap of service providers who are supporting this 'mobilisation of the masses' and they can't wait to help more people in need. But if they don't get the donations, they will have to wait.

Come on agents of change. It's easy. Just do it. Then tell your mates to as well.

Our great country is known globally for lots of things, let's add compassion for our mates to that list.

$2 from a million people -it's not a lot, but it will achieve a lot!

"Become an agent of change with your loose change"

Thank You for your participation, Childs Vision BIG GIVE2 Appeal


Donations of $2 or more will be receipted by Childs Vision after you have donated. Donations of $2.00 or more are fully tax deductible with the ATO. Disclosure: BIG GIVE2 (GIVE2DAY) PTY LTD will receive remuneration for conducting the BIG GIVE2 Appeal, for further details click on terms and conditions link below.

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