Australia  8th Nov 2016


Tanja Meyer

Tanja Meyer

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Childs Vision

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Type: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)
Date: 8th Nov 2016
Team ETM Group
Location: Surfers Paradise - Childs Vision 10th Birthday Celebration
Description: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)


Hi Everyone please read this :-) To date I have been fortunate enough to have lived an amazing life, along the way I have done and seen many crazy things, meeting fabulous people and making amazing friends for life. Without sounding... like a douche-bag “life is good” however, there are 1000s of children out there who have not been so fortunate. Everyday children are being abused, and 1000s of children are crippled with illness with no money for lunch or a place to sleep. This my amazing friends is so sad, and as the late Whitney Houston said “The Children are our Future” I am making it my mission to make a difference so please friends donate a dollar or two and help me make a difference. I have started my own fundraising page which supports the charity “Childs Vision” my fundraising page link is XXXX so all my beautiful friends give to those that are in need, any donation you can make will go a long way and mean so much to me. Keep Fabulous xxxx  

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Name Tanja Meyer
Sex Female
Country Australia
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