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What is the BIG GIVE?

What is | BIG GIVE2 ? SINCE 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 -2016

On November 8th, The BIG GIVE2 will kick off in Australia at Sunset “follow the stars” around the World. The Opening of the event will be at Sunrise the morning before the Sunset at Bondi Beach Opening Event in Sydney and the Closing Event in Australia at Goldcoast Surfers Paradise Beach.


Wake up World!

Be a part of Big Give 2 every day fundraising for the cause you love, because you can!

The challenge is out there!  What champions for a cause will donate thier $2.00 and get 10 friends to do the same, for the sake of those less fortunate?  Show us what you’re made of.


The challenge:     

Your Mission! Register and donate your $2.00 and then get 10 friends to do the same via facebook or text by using your registration URL. Be a part of Big Give2 by joining with people in different locations around Australia to celebrate Give2Day on the 8th November every year. Register Now to participate in your local area.

  • Use Facebook
  • Text
  • Email
    • In fact anyway you want to get the word out there!

Be a star under the stars for your favorite charity/cause

The purpose:                        To raise money for children and families suffering hardship.

The details:                           Here is a great opportunity to have some fun with the mates you know, whilst helping some you don’t.  All you have to do is get 10 mates together – and raise some coin for your favorite cause or charity.

You might want to organise for a group to hang out for the duration, or join a group that is already organised to do so.

Each bunch of youDonating $2.00 Stars will

  • Register their details on Big Give2 website
  • Organise how they run
    • Maybe each person gets 10 sponsors to donate online, maybe participates just pay to be a part of the bunch and your register the money with your credit card
  • Promote as/if they wish
    • You may use a bunch of people you already associate with (a youth group, community group, sporting team, community group, social network, or just your family/neighbours), or you may open your concept up to the broader community and advertise accordingly
  • Nominate the cause/charity they will raise funds for
  • Donate their raised funds through Big Give2 everyday charity fundraising portal



Fines. If a person does not get 10 people to donate $2.00 then they must pay a fine of 10 times $2.00 = $20.00 donation.



Take photos with your mobile where you are and upload them to

Celebrate your creativity, and spend the night in a unique locations – as long as it’s connected to our event under the Stars, claim it as yours using .  Some ideas/thought starters are:

  • Facebook
  • Texts
  • Tweets
  • At your school/uni
  • Have a street party
  • Night game of football, cricket, tennis or golf.

BIG GIVE2 is seeking to raise $2 million AUS for charities in Australia and 2 million for charities around the world. For those looking to participate, attendance is free. We ask that you fundraise for a chosen charity leading up to and a month after the event. By extending your muscles and amplifying your inner star light, you are helping build stronger communities that have a foundation in Give 2 Day International.


Get involved | Captain for a Cause

We need your help! Take BIG GIVE2 into your own hands and spread it through your community by becoming a Captain for a cause and hosting an event in your area. It is through our Community Captain for a cause that this is all possible. Those who are inspired by our message and embrace it as their personal mission will help us raise enough money to reach our goal.
By organizing, hosting, and promoting hundreds of events worldwide, you allow this to be a truly International event, Give 2 Day. We provide you with all the support you need.

If you want to be a Captain for a cause and become a Community Ambassador for your region, email us at


Who we are | BIG GIVE2

BIG GIVE2 began in 2011 with a dream of raising funds for frontline services for charities in Australia only as a everyday fundraising portal.
As BIG GIVE2 entered 2012, it was decided to expand BIG GIVE2 to the World. The plan came about in the form of BIG GIVE2 International Give 2 Day. The initial goal was to bring together 1 million people around the World to give $2.00 for the cause that they cared about to raise $2 million for charity. This goal is achievable together, with your help!


What is | Give 2 Day

The real people behind BIG GIVE2 have always been you, the individual who have made this message your own - the thousands of Mate Savers and the Captains for a Cause who have made these events possible in their community in different locations around the world, the teams of volunteers who have made themselves available wherever there has been a need for them and their cause, the donors who have been dynamic in raising much needed funds for charity. The point behind Give2Day is if every one donates just $2.00 and tells 10 friends to do the same we will reach the target were 1 million people have donated $2.00 which will equal our 2 million dollar goal. We call this giving philosophy “Give 2 Day”.


How we | raise funds

BIG GIVE2 has an online fundraising machine hosted on this website, which is easy to use, secure, and ensures 100% of donations go into the registered charity account.

The charity partners we support are regionally specific, and are often smaller, community driven projects. Click on the Charities tab to find out who we are supporting this year. If your charitable cause is not listed and you wish to raise funds for them by participating in BIG GIVE2 please contact us at so that we may check if they are eligible to be involved. All charity partners must sign an agreement to be involved in BIG GIVE2 and fit within a certain constitution criteria.


Contact us

For more information on BIG GIVE2, contact us at: