Australia  8th Nov 2016


Dr. Madhu Krishan

Dr. Madhu Krishan

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Type: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)
Date: 8th Nov 2016
Location: Adelaide
Description: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)


The AUGP (Academy of Universal Global Peace) requires your support in its mission to bring about Global Peace through education and our Lord Jesus Christ. The Ministry of Global Peace has over 30,000 members/ambassadors of peace worldwide spreading our message of Global Peace. Please support the AUGP to help us fund our mission globally, please donate as little as $2.00 to help us bring our message your voice for human rights, equality, love and global peace to the nations we visit 

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Name Dr. Madhu Krishan
Sex Male
Country Australia
About Me  
His Beatitude & Ecumenical Patriarch Krishan I, Founder of Academy of Universal Global Peace, Registered with Indian Gov, UK Gov, Feral States of USA, European Union, United Nations. Founder of Snahalaya Ashran Orphan Charity. Est. 1985. Holding Highest Awards in India & Hundreds of Publications. My life is dedicated to my Ministry of Global Peace, till date I have over 30,000 Ambassadors of Global Peace worldwide. I promote Global Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ, bringing the message to all nations of Love, Peace Living, Equality, Charitable to Global Children & Global Peace. Through Education & Our Lord Jesus Christ Teachings we can reach Global Peace. I have dedicated 30 years of my life to this mission.

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