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Dr. Madhu Krishan

Dr. Madhu Krishan

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Snahalaya Ashram

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Type: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)
Date: 8th Nov 2015
Location: Fantasy Boat Party


We have been established since 1985 and registered as a charity since 1996. We are 'Snahalaya Ashram' (Means- Temple of Love) registered orphans charity in India with European Branch in Cyprus.. There are 20 million children living on the streets of India, as young as 2 years of age, 90% are due to loosing one or both parents, abandoned orphans, many starve, others are abused others used as sex slaves, many forced into child labour and other crimes committed against these children which often goes unreported and many people sadly see them and call them street rats and turn a blind eye to their suffering. These children survive via begging and trying to survive from day to day. We aim to raise funds to build a Holistic orphanage called HIOS, which provides kids with a 24/7 secured facility, with educational boarding facility where they receive primary and secondary education, sports, safe place to sleep, sanitation, counselling, health service sand social development. HIOS increases there life chan 

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Name Dr. Madhu Krishan
Sex Male
Country India
About Me  
His Beatitude & Ecumenical Patriarch Dr. Madhu Krishan. Founder of Snahalaya Ashram Orphan Charity. Ambassador of URGC (United Refugee Green Council) (not for profit org.) Governor & Patriarch Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP), Est. 1985. Orphan Charity Reg. India. Reg. UK Gov. USA. European Union & United Nations. Cyprus is the EU Branch of the Snahalaya Ashram orphan charity, AUGP & Ministry of Global Peace

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