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Brit Treff

Brit Treff

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Type: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)
Date: 8th Nov 2016
Location: Surfers Paradise - Childs Vision 10th Birthday Celebration
Description: BIG GIVE 2 (Give2Day)


We all know what its like to be sick in bed for a few days but not all of us know what its like to be constantly ill and moving in and out of hospitals. Childs Vision helps children who are compromised in thier development to access their full potential by running an illness support health program. The Illness Support Holiday Program is for children with a life limiting or terminal Illness however this program not only helps the children but their families to. Program includes: -Counselling and support for the child and their families -Supply the child with Superfoods to boost the immune system and renew the internal body from the support medication during dramatic surgery. -Gift each child with something that they have dreamed of having. -Take the kids Whale Watching -Take the kids to Seaworld to Swim with Dolphins. -Take the kids to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to play with the animals Its time to get rid of that loose change in your pockets, wallets or cars and donate to childs vision to help 

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