Big Give 2012 Fundraiser Tools

FAQ - Fundraising

Your challenge is to create your goal about how much you want to raise and push yourself to new limits in order to achieve this goal. By participating in this amazing charity event you are pledging to raise as much sponsorship funds as possible for BIG GIVE Australia to help and make a real difference in your community by driving traffic to the big give website.
Many people it can be a bit overwhelming, but if you plan ahead, the fundraising can be as rewarding and fun.We have helped you as much as possible by providing you with as many good and simple fundraising ideas as possible. Now it’s up to you to choose, plan and become successful. Get started now by deciding which idea below suits you best.

Your Favorite Charity

What to do if your favorite charity is not listed? If you think your favorite charity falls within the criteria of helping children and families who are suffering hardship within Australia. Contact your favorite charity and ask them to contact BIG GIVE at  in order for your favorite charity to be able to receive an agreement if they are eligible.

Corporate Charitable Giving (Sponsorship)

Around 75% of companies believe in charitable giving. This is why corporate sponsorship can provide an important source of funding for BIG GIVE. To secure sponsorship you need to understand what sponsors are looking for and offer benefits and value that meet their needs. Sponsorship is a partnership that does not end when you receive the funds provided by the business. You need to ensure that sponsors needs are also met.

Setting Goals

You should always plan well ahead and start as soon as BIG GIVE notifies you that you may help fundraise for the event. Work out how long you need to raise the money and set yourself an achievable goal. Work out who to ask for help and then contact them.

Accounting Records

Please keep records for yourself and the BIG GIVE if needed of where all your sponsorship funds come from even if they have donated online. Record all monies received together with details of who made the donation and when. Tax on charitable donations can be allocated to the person who has given the gift, which increases donors.
For more information about DGR status and Tax Deductible Gifts contact the Australian Tax Office.
All donations over $2.00 are Tax deductible with the Australian Tax Office

Banking/ Cash Donations/Anonymous cash donations

If you wish to make an anonymous donation or an individual cash donation or a group cash donation you may do so by the following means. If you wish to receive a tax receipt please contact us to let us know your details and the time and date of your donation including using your full name under the description of the deposit.
Banking may be made into the BIG GIVE account at any Australian Westpac Branch.

Bank: Westpac
Account Name: BIG GIVE 
BSB: 034-216
ACC: 265-871


People power gets the job done faster and with ease. Get volunteers to help you spread the word about BIG GIVE. Never underestimate the value of volunteers. They could have skills that you did not know about or connections that could be very beneficial so that you may reach many more donors. Go to volunteers page for more info.

Networking and getting the word out there

Make a comprehensive list of potential sponsors and supporters. Include relatives, friends, neighbors, religious groups, sports clubs, school/college friends, business contacts, etc. Work email databases - This is always a great place to get the sponsorship form circulated, or perhaps a mass e-mail sent out explaining what you are doing to help BIG GIVE. Give people as much information as possible from the website with links to it. Many people will admire what you are doing and will be willing to support you! Put the information provided as a (download now) PDF BIG GIVE Flyer information on notice boards or in your company. If you work for a large corporation you maybe able to get every staff member to donate $2.00, The Company you work for may already have a charity fundraising area within it that deals with corporate charitable giving. Contact them and tell them about BIG GIVE and how you would like to see them helping the cause.  You will gain valuable advice from this area of your company.

How to Get BIG GIVE Publicity

Tell everyone you know about what you're doing to help raise funds for BIG GIVE AUSTRALIA. Use facebook, twitter, email and texting. The most powerful way of advertising has always been word of mouth. It is the best form of advertising. Contact your local newspapers, radio and television stations and community radios, you may be able to get a news reporter who would like to write an article about what you are doing and possibly even do a follow story about how you went. Your local media will always be interested in hearing about exciting things that are happening in your local area that is helping others. Try and find an angle that will particularly interest them by using information that is on the BIG GIVE website. Think also about the local magazines and newsletters that are published specifically for your area.
To get your name and story in print is one of the most effective ways in gaining support for your cause. If you send the local media a press release including all of the following:

  • Why you want to help raise funds for BIG GIVE and what you are going to do to raise those funds.
  • What your target is IE how much funds you wish to raise.
  • Find out about a local family suffering hardship that you want to personally help.
  • Always provide your contact details - provide contact details so the media may ring you back for follow ups or interviews about why you are helping.

Call and ask who to address your press release to, ie editor, news reader, allow plenty of time and send it to: your regional daily newspaper and radio station, weekly local newspapers, community and listings magazines (they often include fundraising events), company magazine or staff newsletter (a good way to ask colleagues to sponsor you). For contact details, check phone books, media directories, the internet and the library. Make sure you follow it up with a phone call in case there are any unanswered questions.

Advertising & Business Partnership / Sponsorship

Advertising is where a company buys a space in a specific media (newspaper, radio, TV, etc). Sponsorship is where a Business pays to associate its business name or logo with an activity. Businesses sponsor events all the time to increase awareness that they exist to the public. They do this to improve their public image to increase sales. Before approaching a business, think about what you can offer them. What a business can gain by sponsoring you - free advertising, publicity, etc.

How to Make that extra $2.00 Donation

Every $2.00 dollar donation counts. Here are a few ideas that we would like to give you so that you may make more money understanding that every little bit counts:

  • Ask your friends and family to help
  • Ask your local organization or school to help
  • Auction off things you wish to get rid off in your house
  • Collect loose change in BIG GIVE tins provided by us. Call us to receive your BIG GIVE Tin
  • Get guests to empty their pockets as they leave your event
  • Continue until you hit your target
  • Pass around a beer glass in your local pub to be filled with coins or notes


Market your event with sellable merchandise that has been put on the BIG GIVE website. Pre purchase the goods from the BIG GIVE website IE T- Shirts, Stickers, Flyers can be downloaded and printed on your own computer free.

Collection Tins

This always happens when you are collecting so carry change in case someone only has a large notes so you are prepared when they say I only have large notes and they will not want to part with them unless you can change the money on the spot. Wear your BIG GIVE T-shirt so no one can walk past you without noticing you. BIG GIVE has T-shirts and stickers and collection boxes that can be provided to you, but there are certain rules: Collections must be licensed by the local council or its equivalent unless at a private venue function, restaurant or pub that you already have approval to be in from the owners; collectors must be over 18; collectors must carry collection permits provided by Childs Vision BIG GIVE (ask ACF Australian Charity Fundraising the promoters to organize this for you); collectors must wear an official badge (ask ACF Australian Charity Fundraising); money must be collected in a sealed tin or envelope; boxes must be opened and money counted in the presence of two or more people; a letter must be carried from the licensing authority of BIG GIVE; street collectors may not cause an obstruction or solicit activity for money.

Banking may be made into the BIG GIVE account at any Australian Westpac Bank Account Name: BIG GIVE  BSB: 034-216 ACC: 265-871

Fundraising ideas for you

Large events are a great way to fundraise. Look for local sponsorship for food, music or a venue for your event. Make extra money with raffles and auctions. You may even wish to hire a photographer to take photos of your guests and then sell them during the night.

Cards night

Create your own card evening, ie Black Jack, Poker. Sell admission tickets to raise your funds, food and drinks.

Murder mystery or Monopoly Night

You can organise a murder mystery for between 10 to 100 players. The instructions are easy to follow the outline of the murder and the scene of the crime, as well as instructions for organisers, scene setters, clues & player profiles. Funds are raised by pre selling tickets to your Murder Mystery Night of fun.

For further details, visit

Thank you for your help