Registration & Attendance


Q: What do I do if my favorite charity is not listed?

A: Contact us at and we will contact the charity on your behalf.


Q: What is the BIG GIVE2?

A: It’s a annual charity event to raise funds for your favorite charity. They are happening on a Global level with a Grand Annual event called (GIVE2DAY) on the 8th November every year. GIVE2DAY is a day when you may give $2.00 to your favorite charity. To participate all you have to do is sign up and commit to fundraising for a charity.


Q: What is a Mate Saver?

A: A Mate Saver is a participant in the Big Give2. They have individual fundraising pages and help raise money for charity.


Q: What is a team?

A: A team is just a network of people who wish to save mates together. You can group your profiles under one “team”, but all fundraising is still individual and goes to each person’s selected charity.


Q: How do I join a team when signing up?

A: When signing up:

  1. On the registration page click “I want to create or join a team.”
  2. If you are joining an existing team, type in the first letter of the team name, then select that team from the dropdown box.
  3. If you are starting a new team, type in your chosen name.


Q: How do I join a team after I have signed up?

  1. Go
  2. Login in top right hand corner
  3. Click on ‘My Profile”
  4. Click on “Edit Fundraiser Details”
  5. If joining an existing team, type in the first letter of the team’s name.
  6. If starting a new team, type in your chosen name.


Q: What is a Captain for a Cause?

A: A volunteer who organizes a BIG GIVE2 Event. You can find out more by clicking the “Captain for a Causee” tab on the home page in the horizontal tool bar.


Q: I want to participate but there’s no event in my area.

A: You could host your own! It’s so easy and we’ll give you all the support you need. Email to find out more.


Q: Do I have to register or can I just show up?

A: You have to register online before you come to an event. 


Q: How do I register for BIG GIVE2?


1. Go to

2. Click on “register now” in the horizontal menu bar.

3. Follow the step by step instructions through the registration process.


Q: Is registration free?

A: Yes, and you may attend the events for free. However we strongly encourage fundraising through your registration page for charity.


Q: Can I register under a pseudonym?

A: No. You must use your own name.


Q: Can I choose to support any charity I want?

A: There are selected charity partners which you can choose from excluding WA. If a charity you wish to support is not listed please contact us at and we will see if they are eligible.


Q: Can I choose to support a local charity that is not an official charity? 
A: No. Each charity must have its status checked and approved before being selected as a partner.


Q: How does BIG GIVE2 select the charities?

A: Through in-country recommendations and reputation. Each charity has their financial and official charity status checked before being accepted as a partner.


Q: How do I get my friends to donate?


  1. Firstly, ASK them! Send emails, Facebook requests and call them up or text them.
  2. There are lots of great fundraising tips in your Mate Savers page. 


Donating Money


QIs Childs Vision BIG GIVE2 Australia Appeal a registered non-profit organization. Public Benevolent Institution with DGR status?

A: Yes. BIG GIVE2 is an event held through Childs Vision, and pays wages and expenses through private and charitable funds.


Q: Where is my money going to when I fundraise?

A: The funds will go direct into the chosen charities Account.


Q: How do I GIVE?

A: Easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Global and choose your country, Click on “Donate Now”
  3. Choose an individual Mate Saver that you would like to support. 
  4. Follow the prompts to give to their chosen charity through PayPal or Credit card.


Q: Can I make donations with Bank transfers?

A: YES, PayPal, Credit Card,  EFT and Cash Donations to any Westpac Bank in Australia. If you direct deposit using cash or EFT online banking please put your name under the description so that we can identify your donation.

Bank: Westpac

Account Name: BIG GIVE2

BSB: 034-216

ACC: 265-871


Q: I would like to donate via credit card but I don't have a credit card or debit card.

A: You may have to ask your friend to donate through their credit card/debit card and then you can reimburse him/her cash.


Q: Can I make a donation anonymously?

A: Yes. When donating, click on “I wish to remain anonymous”.  Your name will not be disclosed to the Mate Saver or public.  However, you will still need to enter your name on the Credit Card details.


Q: Do I get a tax benefit for my donation?

A: Yes Childs Vision has DGR status in Australia and all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible with the ATO. In those countries where the donor receives a tax deduction, you will be able to claim it using the tax receipt.  This is the case in Australia. 


Q: Do I get a receipt for my donation?

A: Yes receipts are automatically produced.  The donor will receive a Tax Deductible email receipt.


Q: Does the fundraiser get notified when she / he receives a donation?

A: Yes the fundraiser is notified by email that a donor had made a donation to the fundraiser's charity.


Q: What fees are subtracted from my donation?

A: Please note that Paypal and credit card companies, however, do charge fees for processing the donation (3-5%).

B: Remuneration Disclosure: BIG GIVE2 (GIVE2DAY) PTY LTD will receive a remuneration of 25% of the total annual funds raised from the Childs Vision Big Give2 Australia Appeal for conducting the annual appeal, FMX and Monster Truck Spectacular.This 25% fee does not apply to other charities. OTHER CHARITIES: 100% of other charity funds goes direct to the chosen charity account via PayPal.


Q: Is there a minimum amount for donations?

A: There is no lower or upper limit. 


Q: How can i thank the donor?

A: You may wish to write them an email, or a handwritten thank you note is always nice.  In addition, the fundraiser can put together words of thanks to the donor on the Fundraising page.  How?  Simply go your fundraising page, Click on "Log on" on the right hand top of the page, enter your logon details, then click on "My Profile".  You will then see "Comment" underneath the donation made.  Type in a few words of thanks and the donor is notified by email that you have written them a thank you note.  The circle of giving and thank you's continue.


Technical Support


Q: Can I change my chosen charity even after I register for the event?

A: Yes you can - however please note that any donations received prior to making the charity change will still be donated to the previous charity. Please limit the number of charity changes to once only.


To change charities:

1. Go to

2. login to your profile (top right hand corner)

3. click ‘my profile’

4. click ‘edit fundraiser details’ on right hand side

5. select the charity from the drop down box


Q: Can I change location/target fundraising amount/my team/my fundraising pledge?

A: yes, these changes can all be made as follows:

1. Go to

2. login to your profile (top right hand corner)

3. click ‘my profile’

4. click ‘edit fundraiser details’ on right hand side

5. amend information as required


Q: How do I upload a photo to my profile page?

1. Go to

2. login to your profile (top right hand corner)

3. click ‘my profile’

4. “hover” your mouse over the blue and orange people on the right.

5.  Click on ‘update photo’

6.  You can then choose an image from your computer.

Please note that large image files may not be accepted.




Q: I can’t see any options to edit my details or photo on my profile page

A: Are you logged in? Check in the top right hand corner. Still having trouble? Email 


Q: Some features aren’t working on my page

A: Try a different browser, such as Firefox. Still having trouble? Email 


Q: I have accidentally entered the wrong event/team/charity/gender

A: Easily fixed.

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your profile (top right hand corner and click on “login”)
  3. Go to “my profile”
  4. Click “edit fundraising details” or “edit information” and change your information.


Q: I accidentally donated twice or want a refund

A: Big Give2 does not issue refunds for donations, unless there is a technical error in processing. Any donations using PayPal are made directly to the BIG GIVE2 Account.  Please contact  to discuss your issue.


Q: I signed up but I don’t have a profile

A: You need to click on an ‘activation link’ that will be sent to your email, so check your junk mail in case you missed it.


Q: I still can’t find the confirmation email

A: Email  and we can activate your account for you.


Q: There are lots of teams all called the same, or similar things. Which one should I join?

A: Sometimes people accidentally create a new team when they mean to just join another one. Let us know at and we can fix this up.



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